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3 Tips for Lasting Curls

Do you finally take the time to curl your hair....and then the curls don't last? I hear ya! Here's 3 Tips for Lasting Curls.

Start with heat protection. Would you stick your hand in the oven without an oven mitt? No? Then protect your hair from hot tools. Did you know that all of Surface Hair Finishing Sprays will protect your hair from heat up to 450 degrees?

As you wrap your hair around the curling iron be sure that the heat is distributed evenly. This is why I love to use the extended barrel iron.

Finally, allow the curls to cool off before separating with a comb.

Check out the following video for all the details!


3 Tips for Lasting Curls:

  1. Heat Protection

  2. Even heat

  3. Allow curls to cool off before separating.

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