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Hair Extensions Inspiration


Hair extensions inspiration, the before and after with hair stylist, Jammie Thompson located in Saint John's, FL.

Are you looking even thicker, longer hair?

Are you looking for a bit more volume to boost your current look?


Hand-tied Beaded Wefts Hair by Jammie offers beaded row, hand-tied weft extensions and have certification with Bella Hand-tied Hair Extensions. Experience the most comfortable, lightweight and seamless extensions on the market. Feel glamorous and confident with 100% Human Remy hair extensions are both hand-selected and ethically sourced. Beaded weft extensions are virtually seamless. They are sewn onto a row of silicone beads that are attached to your hair. The silicone beads provide an anchor for the wefts so that the extension can be sewn onto the hair along the beaded track.



Your Investment

The amount of rows you have add to your hair depends on your desired end goal. One row is just for volume, not length. Two rows are for a bit of volume and length. Three rows are for a dramatic volume and length. Volume-wefts are ideal for coarse or thicker hair. Also for dramatic look. Hand-tied wefts are hand-knotted with fine thread and designed to lay close to the scalp for maximum comfort. Hair life-span is typically 6-12 months Extensions will need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks.



Hair Extensions Consultation

Whether you are brand new to wearing hair extensions or currently rocking them a consultation is required. Your 30 minute in person consultation is where we identify desired goal, discuss options, color match and secure your deposit. Hair Extensions Consultation require a $45 non-refundable consultation fee. Should you choose to move forward with extensions, your $45 will go towards your first application appointment. Once length & density is determined, a 50% non-refundable deposit due at consultation. The second payment is due at the installation appointment.



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