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Meet Jammie

Salon Suite Owner in Jacksonville, FL

Surface Hair Culture Artist



I'm totally obsessed with learning about hair and new techniques.

I love to rehabilitate orchids and create succulent arrangements for my roaming gnomes.

When I am not transforming my guest's hair using natural hair color and/or hair extensions then I am inspiring my peers that you can achieve naturally beautiful hair using eco-friendly hair care.



From as far back as I can remember, I was always the go-to-person for hair styles. Growing up, I would braid the softball teams hair. I even did my friends hair for Prom and Homecoming! 

After high school I chose to go to school for dental hygiene. I completed the prerequisites but didn't get into the program. At the time, I was devastated. I think I stayed in bed for a week. I completed my degree in Sociology, moved out of Gainesville and was ready for something new.  

I attended one of the best cosmetology schools in the states, The Aveda Institute. This is where I built the foundation of my career, using hair products made from nature. I trained with the best, and committed to 400 more hours of education than required by the state of Florida. I opened my eyes to fair trade, essential oils and ingredient label reading. Aveda's mission statement is still close to my heart and I continue to educate myself on current natural hair products.


Shortly after I began my career as a hairstylist, I gave birth to my baby boy.


From the moment I was pregnant I changed the foods I ate, the products I used on my skin and hair, and became obsessed with researching natural ingredients.


I had no idea how many "normal" products that I was using in my day to day life that were full of chemicals.


Now, you can say that I am a "crunchy" mom. But don't get me wrong, I still indulge in some Chick-fil-A! It's all about a healthy balance, right? 

In 2016 I took a 2 day hair product knowledge class in Orlando. I learned all about Surface Hair which is a high performance, salon exclusive, hair and skin care line that respects my personal health and the earth. I was seeking products that are made from certified organic botanicals and it was an added bonus that this is a family owned and operated company.


After exclusively using these products for several years, my guests are so happy with the way their hair has transformed for the better. We are seeing amazing results and I choose to help share the benefits to other hairstylists. Surface Hair offers the highest quality education and an extensive training program. Since 2018 I've been honored to be a part of the Surface Hair Education Team. On my days off behind the chair I am educating my peers about natural, clean products that will benefit their guests hair and respect their health as well.


I hope to see you soon!


  • Surface National Artist Training- 2023

  • Mind & Business Forum- 2022

  • Surface Smooth & Healthy Certification- 2022

  • National Artist Training, Las Vegas-2021

  • Surface Global Forum, Las Vegas-2021

  • Hybrid Blonding-@Jmalonehair-2021

  • Surface Earth Collection-2021

  • Stacked Bob Cutting Class-@HeadRushDesigns-2020

  • Surface Virtual Mind & Business Forum-2020

  • Barbicide Certification, Jacksonville-2020

  • National Artist Training, Las Vegas-2019

  • Global Forum, Las Vegas-2019

  • Surface Pure Color Certification-2019

  • Bella Handtied Hair Extensions, Jacksonville-2019

  • Premiere Hair Show, Orlando-2019

  • Surface Awaken Certification, Jacksonville-2019

  • Surface National Artist Training, Nashville-2019

  • Surface Curls Cutting Certification, Jacksonville-2018

  • Surface Core Color Specialist, Jacksonville-2018

  • Premiere Hair Show, Orlando-2018

  • Surface Origins Art Training, Chicago-2018

  • L.W. Master Balayage Certified, Atlanta-2018

  • Surface Core Cutting Specialist, Orlando-2017

  • Hot Heads Certified, Jacksonville-2017

  • Premiere Hair Show, Orlando-2017

  • Salon Centric LIVE, Atlanta-2017

  • Sunlights Balayage Certified, Jacksonville-2017

  • Surface Symposium, Orlando-2016

  • Redken Symposium, Las Vegas-2015

  • Loreal Professional "It Looks", Delray Beach-2014

  • Brazilian Blowout Certified, Jacksonville-2014

  • Norvell Spray Tan Certified, Jacksonville-2013

Continued Education

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