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You stood up your hairstylist?

Jammie Thompson-Hair stylist

I sweep my station and clear off the previous guests hair. I take a peek at my schedule and get excited that "Jane" will be here any minute. (No, not you Jane, I am just using this name as an example.) Awesome, now is my time to run to the bathroom and fold a few towels. I check the time, hmmm she should have been here by now. Okay, maybe she got stuck in traffic. I will fold a few more towels and give her 15 minutes. Wait, she's still not here. I check my phone and I don't have any missed messages. Weird. I'll give her a answer. At that moment I realize that I've been stood up.

I think to myself, "is she okay?". Maybe she got stuck in traffic or she had to stay at work longer than expected. Or maybe she decided she didn't like my work anymore. Has she found a new hairstylist? Did I say something that she didn't like?Maybe she just didn't like my shoes? All of these things run through my head.

Now, I have all that time reserved for your hair appointment. My booking system sent a reminder 48 hours ago, then again 24 hours ago, and then again the day of. All you have to do is click the link and cancel the appointment. You don't even have to come up with an excuse. Now I feel like we just broke up. It's like we made a dinner reservation and I showed up all dressed and ready, excited for our time together....and then, BAM! I'm left sitting at the bar waiting for you while the hostess is asking if she can give away our table. Do I leave? Should I wait? Can I ask my friend to meet me since she's been begging to meet up? It's so last minute now, she can't leave her kids that fast. By the time she gets here, the restaurant will be closed.

If you know you can't make your hair appointment, just cancel it. I totally understand that emergencies happen. A little bit of a heads up would be nice, instead of being left in the dark. I am so grateful that I have people who actually want me to do their hair. Some have to wait several months before their first appointment. I have to keep a running list of people's availability and services they wish to receive from me. When you forget to cancel your appointment without giving notice, I miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time with clients on my waiting list.

Do me a favor, never stand up your hairstylist. Most stylists, like me, do not get paid hourly. I have a child and I still have to pay the baby sitter whether I made money or not. I would totally rather be with my child instead of sitting at work doing nothing. I have a cancellation policy, just like my dentist, general doctor and gyno. I do not like to do it, but I send an invoice with the fees according to my cancellation policy. It pains me to send the invoice, especially because I know life is crazy, something may have come up. However, I still have to pay my bills and child care. I would so much rather get paid to do your hair. Hair is my passion and I absolutely love my career. Ultimately, I have to run my fun hair stylist life as a legitimate business. Please respect your hairstylists time and don't stand them up.

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