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Top 5 Products for a Lasting Style

You've asked for it. Here are my top 5 favorite products for a lasting style.

First and foremost, you should exfoliate your scalp with Awaken Shampoo.

Hydrate your hair with Bassu Oil, it's a non-drying penetrating oil.

I love Surface Blowout Primer for heat protection and style memory.

Pre-dry your hair without a brush until it's about 80% dry. Your hair does not have style memory until it's almost dry so, no sense in wasting round brushing soaked & wet hair.

Next, the Curls Whip Mousse to help protect against the humidity.

Surface TK2 Round Brush 2.5" or 3" to over direct your hair in the crown for ultimate volume.

Hot tip: Use the concentrator attachment to your blow-dryer. This will concentrate the air flow to your round brush resulting in smoother hair with out frizz.

Finally the Blowout Dry Oil to tame frizz and weightless shine.

Watch the latest blow-dry tutorial.


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