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DIY-Shaving Cream-Cutting Lotion made with Essential Oils

Don't you want a smooth, close shave?

I love to finish off a haircut with shaving the back of the neck with a razor blade. Before I shave, I always spray the neckline of my clients with an essential oil blend of lavender, cedarwood and water. Why? Not only does it smell amazing, it gets an incredibly close shave!

For years, I used a cutting lotion spray designed to get a close shave. It sprayed out white and would drip down the neck while you are shaving. At the time, I thought I was getting a close shave, until I applied an essential oil blend as a cutting lotion. And man, my razor loves me for switching products.


I mixed a few drops of Young Living's lavender and cedarwood essential oil in a glass spray bottle with water and a dab of vodka.


So if lavender is known to calm the skin and cedarwood is known for it benefits for eczema and alopecia. Why not blend the two and create the most amazing cutting lotion?!

After I spray the neck with the essential oil cutting lotion, the water beads stay put. The razor glides on the neck effortlessly. All of the hair collects at the end of each stroke, making it easy to clean up. With a little sweep across the neck with a towel, the skin is left feeling soft and smooth to the touch. I absolutely love it! My razor moves along smoothly and easily on the neck and does not nick or feel harsh.

I will never use any other cutting lotion! I absolutely love the result of how my razor and clients skin feels.

If you are interested in essential oils and want to learn more, join us

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