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Considering Hair Extensions?

Looking for that bit more volume to boost your current look or even seriously thicker or longer hair?

Jammie Thompson-Hot Heads Hair Extensions Certified

Tape In Wefts

Fabulous for normal to finer and thinner hair.

Tape Wefts are rapidly gaining popularity because they are not only comfortable to wear but also re-usable.

The hair can be re-used for up to 1 year!

Wear them from 9 weeks up to 3 months at a time. I do recommend a 8 week maintenance appointment.

Jammie Thompson-Hair Extensions

How do they work?

Create instant volume, highlights and lengthening by taping two Tape Wefts together with a small amount of natural hair in between.

Hair Extension Care

Do NOT shampoo for 24-48 hrs after tape-in extension application.

Washing Tips:

  • Brush hair before shampooing to keep hair from matting. Recommended brush- The Wet Brush

  • Shampoo hair with Sulfate-Free shampoo Recommended shampoo- Surface Awaken & Surface Purify (once a week)

  • Condition and deep condition hair avoiding the root area Recommended conditioner- Surface Awaken and Bassu

  • Do NOT leave your hair in a towel o top of your head

  • Do NOT go to bed with wet hair (tip: use satin pillow case to avoid tangles)

Jammie Thompson- Hair Extensions Jacksonville

Blow Dry & Curling Tips:

  • Air dry as much as possible

  • Apply heat protectant and leave in conditioner on your hair and extension Recommended- Surface Hair Protein & Surface Bassu Oil

  • Use low heat especially near the bonds

  • Dry in a downward motion to keep the cuticle smooth

  • Avoid using hairspray. Hairspray is mostly made of alcohol which will dry out your extensions and limit the life of your extension hair.

  • Dry shampoo is your new best friend Recommended- Surface Trinity Dry shampoo. Fewer shampoos keep extensions looking good

Jammie Thompson-Surface Hair

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