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Stressed or Sore? Heard of a Raindrop?

So there's pros and cons to every job. I do not sit at a desk for 40 hrs/week. But I do stand behind the salon chair...or shampoo bowl...for 40+ hrs/week. I love my job, but I need to take care of my a well oiled machine! So what do I do? I get a raindrop!

Jammie Thompson-Raindrop Technique

What is a Raindrop?

Raindrop technique involves applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck and feet. The essential oils are dropped from about 6 inches above the spine, replicating rain drops. This is paired with an effleurage massage (feather stroking).

It is incredibly relaxing.The last 2 sessions, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep.

The warm towels on your back following this blend of oils feels rejuvenating, very stimulating and refreshing. I think it's the wintergreen and aromasiez essential oils that feel so good.

Rejuvenate the mind. Balance the body.

Young Living’s proprietary Raindrop Technique® combines unique, targeted massage and energy approaches with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. The technique, developed by Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young, draws from his experience with Native American wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Before and After Raindrop

How cool is this? After my raindrop, I grew about an inch!

After the raindrop, I feel incredible relaxed. Mentally, my thoughts are focused on my life goals and I feel inspired to achieve them.

I need to remember to always take time for myself and especially take care of my body. The raindrop is the perfect way for me to relax and recharge my mind.

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What is the purpose of raindrop technique?

It is to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level through the oils, supporting the immune system, bringing the body into structural/electrical balance, and enabling the release of toxins or disease wherever they may be lodged-including those illnesses lodged in the mind and emotions.

Raindrop technique stimulates detoxification of the body.

It is crucial to drink plenty of water following a session and avoid toxic fluids such as soda pop, coffee, or alcohol. A good rule to follow is to divide your weight in pounds by two and drink that number of ounces of pure water every day. Sometimes the detoxification process results in bodily soreness, headache, sinus drainage, coughing or a rash on the skin. While unpleasant, theses symptoms are temporary and merely an indication that the technique is working and, perhaps, saving you from a much more serious illness at a later time.

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