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Microblading-everything you need to know

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I never have to worry about putting my eyebrows on again! Why? One word, MICROBLADING. It's only the hot topic conversation at the salon between women (men will never understand).

What is microblading?

It's like a tattoo except the artist uses a handheld tool made of needles then creates hairstrokes that blend with your existing eyebrow hair. Semi-permanent pigment is deposited into upper region on the dermis. Of course, after a lovely numbing cream is applied.

Why did I do it?

I was so sick of applying make-up to fill my brows in everyday. I would get so frustrated because one brow would look perfect and then the other brow would be my nightmare! I felt like I could never make them even or the color look right. I probably spent at least 15 minutes everyday trying to fill my eyebrows in. Then I couldn't sweat or think about my face getting oily because then my brows would melt off. Ugh. I was absolutely fed up!

Do your research on the perfect artist.

Luckily, my lash artist also does microblading. She is punctual, sanitary and OCD! All great features for your microblading artist. Make sure your microblading artist is licensed as a tattoo artist and registered under the Florida Health Departement. (I've heard of some horror stories of infections and don't want to steer you in the wrong direction). Velamina at Velamina Lash & Brow in Jacksonville, FL uses a technique called brow mapping for symmetrical eyebrows. This is where she puts a ruler on your forehead and maps out the perfect brows according to your features. Also, during the consultation the color of semi-permanent pigment is discussed. Not everyone's hair and skin color is the same. For me, I like the darker and more bold eyebrow color. However, I am not a fan of being in pain. Thankfully Velamina uses a great numbing cream so the process is painless. The first session for microblading took about 2 hours. Then about 6 weeks later, a touch-up microblading session is recommended but this appointment was only about an hour long. And then you are good to go for 18 months-2 years before your next touch-up. Amazing, right?

Brow mapping for microblading

After your first microblading session

You will absolutely be in shock. Don't worry, everyone is in shock at first. The pigment appears darker, then it flakes off. It's just part of the process. I love that Velamina gave me this card for a friendly reminder.

microblading process

Aftercare expectations

Please do- be very consistent with keeping the area clean using gentle cleanser & water. Gently pat them dry. Keep a thin layer of House Balm (Velamina will give it to you) on for 14 days, as thick as you put chapstick on your lips. Sleep on your back if possible. It's a process, hang in there! Please be patient. The microblading is dark at first, will flake, fade, then return in all their glory.

Please DON'T-

Itchy brows? Lightly tap! Please don't touch, rub, pick or scratch

No H2O. Don't get the wet, go into a pool, sauna, steam room or jacuzzi for 14 days. Let them breathe without makeup on your brows for 14 days. Do not get chemical peels or use anti-wrinkle, bleach, retina A AHA products. Don't sweat for 1 week.

Microblading my eyebrows is the best thing I've ever done. I no longer have to spend 15 minutes filling in my eyebrows. I love that the microblading looks like hairstrokes and not powdered make-up. I am thankful for my artist and have sent several friends & clients to see her. Let her know that I sent you. She'll make sure that you have the good numbing cream. Velamina Lash & Brow 904-217-6595

Jammie Thompson microblading

Jammie Thompson microblading

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