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Stimulate & Revitalize Thinning Hair with Surface Hair Awaken Products

Thinning hair, alopecia, postpartum, stress, seasonal rapid loss, dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp, oily scalp. Awaken Therapuetic products are a clear and simple solution to revive your scalp & hair.

Awaken Therapuetic Hair Care & Styling from Surface combines innovative technology and organic botanicals to create a healthier scalp with faster growing, visibly thicker hair. Awaken aids the bodies ability to produce robust, fuller hair by maximizing cellular rejuvenation, reducing DHT for a fuller follicle and supporting this process with a network of botanical fibers, increasing the hair's diameter.

Awaken Science

Awaken Therapeutic System

Awaken Botanical Styling

Awaken Scalp Facial

Surface Hair

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