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How to reduce stretch marks with dry brushing

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Dry brushing & Char skin relief

Did you know that your skin is the body's largest organ? We spend several minutes a day brushing our little teeth but do we put that much time on our skin? I chose to dry brush my body to exfoliate, detox and revitalize my skin. The result was soft, tight skin and my post baby stretch marks diminished!

What you need-

I chose to purchase my DRY BRUSH at a local health food store, Native Sun. The Tampico Skin Brush (detox & beauty brush) is made from tampico fiber-the unbleached stem of the agave plant. No sense in using synthetic fibers on my precious skin. I must say, the first week of dry brushing was a little scratchy...until I broke in the bristles.

Next, you need a good non-toxic lotion to moisturize your skin. I chose to use Char Skin Relief Cream. Activated Charcoal powder instantly adsorbs (attracts) impurities from the surface area of the skin. "Certified organic babassu and moringa oil' moisturizes and protects. Skin relief cream features sandal tree extract which stimulates microvasculokinetic energy speeding the delivery of D-Biotin supporting the process of cellular generation, providing for faster relief and healthy skin.

Char skin relief cream and dry brush

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is literally brushing your dry skin with a long bristled brush. This stimulates your lymphatic system, exfoliates toxins and improves muscle tone. After you dry brush, you shower and then moisturize with Char Skin Relief Cream.

Did you know there is a method to HOW you dry brush? It is very important to stimulate the blood flow in the correct direction, stimulating your lymphatic system. You need to start at the bottoms of the feet and work in an upward direction. It is thought that you increase drainage to the lymph nodes and increase circulation to the heart. This may help remove unwanted toxins from the body and improve blood flow. Click here to get more information.

What people were saying?

Visibly tighter, more tone skin especially in my arms and abdomen. I am pleased to see the post baby stretch markers diminished.

If you're desiring healthier skin or want to shed the negativity you should try dry brushing. It's amazing how great I feel after consistently dry brushing before I shower in the morning. Not only does my skin feel great but I'm more energized, motivated and happy.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you've ever dry brushed or have any other questions.

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