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4 Key Benefits of using Bassu Oil

First of all, have you even heard of Bassu oil?

Babassu oil is pressed from the seeds of the Babassu Palm Tree. Brazilian women have been using Babassu oil on their skin for centuries.

Babassu oil is known for its healing powers throughout the world; it is easy to see why the tree is knows as the "tree of Life".

Babassu oil is a non-drying penetrating oil that is considered a superior emollient beneficial for either dry or oily skin and hair. It gently moisturizes without leaving an oily sheen or weight.

4 Key Benefits of Bassu oil

Repairing- Bassu oil is incredibly moisturizing and all natural. Repair split ends, prevent breakage and nourish your scalp to achieve natural, strong hair & beard. Bassu oil is molecularly small enough to penetrate the cuticle. In other words, the oil will moisturize inside the hair and not lay heavy on the outside. Bassu oil is a penetrating oil and doesn't leave behind a greasy feel.

Smoothing- Bassu oil is soothing to dry hair. Leave-in hair for dry ends to be conditioned and smoothed.

Healing- Bassu oil restores moisture with antioxidants and vitamin E. The antioxidants are known to effectively combat inflammation. It helps the skin and hair to fight against free radicals. Bassu oil also relieves sunburns and reduces inflammation and redness from bug bites, rashes, eczema, psoriases or rosacea. Hot tip: when I peeled my SNS nails off, I healed the cuticle with bassu oil.

Strengthen- Bassu oil softens your cuticles and strengthen your hair preventing breakage and split ends.

For every Bassu oil sold in the month of April, Surface will plant a tree. I have committed to a virtual pledge to sell 20 bassu oils this month in order to plant 20 trees! 20 trees may not sound like a lot, but if everyday we strive to do a little bit better then yesterday, we can leave this earth a better place. Reserve your bottle of bassu oil today. CLICK HERE

I love to hear your testimonies. Let me know how bassu oil benefits you.

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