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How to blow dry an undercut hairstyle

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

I am able to go 7 days without shampooing.

Prepare the hair properly and maintain a lasting blowout with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil.

First, you've got to prepare your hair with a good cleansing shampoo & conditioner. I choose to use Surface Awaken Shampoo & Conditioner to exfoliate & deep cleanse my scalp and hair.

On damp hair, apply Bassu Oil for moisture & shine. Add liberal amount of Blowout Primer for heat protection and style memory.

Hot Tip: Blow dry your hair to 80% dry before using your brush. Add refresher of Blowout Primer to each section and then blow dry to 110% dry.

Finish style with Blowout Texture Spray for an explosion of clear volume powder.

Next day hair add Blowout Dry Oil Spray to protect, nourish and refresh your blowout.

Watch my LIVE how to tutorial

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