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How to Curl Short Hair

Short hair can be just as versatile and stunning as long locks, especially when styled with the right techniques and products. If you've been longing to create lasting curls that complement your short hair, look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to achieve beautiful curls with a curling iron while using eco-friendly Surface Hair Care products.


Step 1: Prepare Your Hair Before you begin styling, it's crucial to prepare your hair to minimize heat damage and enhance the longevity of your curls. Start by washing your hair with Surface's Awaken Shampoo and Masque. These products are not only gentle on your hair but also infused with natural ingredients to stimulate new hair growth and exfoliate your scalp.

Step 2: Style with Surface Hair Care, begin by applying Surface's Awaken Blow Dry Foam to your damp hair. This versatile foam not only helps to add volume and texture but also provides heat protection and helps to hold your curls in place.

Step 3: Apply Heat Protection Protecting your hair from heat damage is essential, especially when using hot styling tools like a curling iron. Prior to curling with an iron, apply a generous amount of Surface's Theory Finishing Spray to your hair. This lightweight spray not only provides heat protection but also adds shine to your hair, leaving it looking healthy and vibrant.

Step 4: Curling Short Hair Using a curling iron, take sections no wider than the tool and wrap your hair around the barrel, holding for a few seconds before releasing. Remember to leave the ends out for a more modern and effortless look. Repeat this process until all of your hair is curled.

Step 5: Allow Curls to Cool Completely After curling your hair, resist the urge to touch or manipulate the curls immediately. Allow them to cool completely to set the shape and ensure long-lasting hold. This step is crucial for achieving bouncy and defined curls, especially with short hair.

Step 6: Separate and Define Once your curls have cooled, gently separate them with your fingers to create volume and texture. For added definition and hold, spray Surface's Theory Finishing Spray evenly throughout your hair. This lightweight spray provides flexible hold without weighing your hair down, perfect for maintaining your style throughout the day.

With the right techniques and eco-friendly hair care products from Surface, achieving lasting curls with short hair is easier than ever. Follow these steps and hot tips to master the art of short hair curling while nourishing your locks with natural ingredients. Say hello to gorgeous curls and healthy hair with Surface Hair Care.

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I LOVE your style and Thank you for the videos it helps to achieve your look without the complications. What size curling iron do you use and what brand?

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