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How to heal dry skin

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Do you struggle with skin challenges? Is your skin is in desperate need of being soothed and moisturized?

I used to struggle with finding relief for my dry chapped hands. I am a hairstylist and my hands are always in water. Especially in the winter months my hands are so dry that the skin cracks. Now that I have CHAR Skin Relief Cream my hands are moisturized & feel rejuvenated. So much that I felt that I needed to scream it out to everyone! When skin challenges arise like dryness, flaking, eczema or psoriasis all you want is quick relief. Check out a few testimonies after using CHAR Skin Relief Cream.

CHAR Skin Relief Cream relieves dehydrated skin. Stimulate cellular rejuvenation and the healing process to brighten skin tone, detoxify, moisturize and gently exfoliate. Apply to skin and massage in. May be used as desired on all skin types.

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