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The Benefits of a Scalp Detox

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Our hair and scalp are often overlooked when it comes to self-care and cleansing routines. But did you know that regular detoxing of your scalp can lead to healthier, shinier, and more voluminous hair? That's right! In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using a surface hair scalp detox and how it can transform your hair game. Read on to discover the secret to luscious locks.

Detoxify your scalp to remove excess oil, dry skin and free radicals for ultimate in cellular rejuvenation and a healthy scalp. A healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. So if you have dead skin & product built up on your scalp then how do you think a new healthy hair can grow? Just like we exfoliate our face in addition to cleansing, the scalp needs exfoliating too.


Reduce scalp irritation, increase hair growth and improve overall hair health with Surface Awaken Scalp Detox.

What is it? A scalp detoxifying exfoliation treatment.

What it does? Detoxifies the scalp by gently exfoliating with activated charcoal powder to remove excess oil, dry skin and free radicals for the ultimate in cellular rejuvenation and a healthy scalp.

How it works? Exfoliate and detoxify the scalp with activated charcoal powder, essential minerals and conditioning cleansers while a therapeutic blend of mint and capsicum nourish and refresh the hairs follicle.

How to use? Lather and rinse with Surface Shampoo of your choice. Apply liberal amount of Awaken Scalp Detox to scalp and massage in for 1 minute. Rinse, condition and style. Use as often as desired.

Pair with the Awaken Therapeutic System to advance your scalp and hair health.

Who is it for? All scalp challenges and thinning hair.

Problem it solves? Traditional scalp scrubs leave the scalp and hair feeling oily and traditional scalp exfoliators are too rough for the scalp and hair causing damage due to the rough granular texture.

Awaken Scalp Detox uses the clean and light cleaning oils along with activated charcoal powder to detoxify and nourish the scalp.

Surface Hair Scalp Detox is a product used to cleanse the scalp and remove build-up from hair products, oils, and other impurities.

Using Surface Hair Scalp Detox can help to:

Improve scalp health: The product helps to remove buildup and promote a healthy scalp, reducing itching, flaking, and other scalp issues.

Enhance hair growth: A healthy scalp is important for hair growth, and removing buildup can allow for a clearer and healthier scalp environment.

Revitalize hair: Scalp build-up can weigh down hair and make it look dull. Removing this build-up can make hair look revitalized and refreshed.

Improve product efficacy: Buildup on the scalp can prevent hair care products from penetrating the scalp and hair. Cleansing with Surface Hair Scalp Detox can improve the efficacy of other hair care products.

It's important to note that using Surface Hair Scalp Detox should be done in accordance with the product's instructions and should be followed by a deep conditioning treatment for best results.

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