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Things to consider when transitioning to gray hair

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Are you ready to embrace your gray hair? You've been coloring your hair for years and want to know options for blending your gray hair. Here are 3 things to consider when making the transition to grey hair.

The #1 question is how to soften the harsh line from permanent root color? Some would say to just let it grow. Ugh, who wants to walk around with half done hair? Have you been getting your roots touched up every month or so for many years? Ready to start transitioning to your natural color? Instead of using permanent root color switch to hy-demi gel color without ammonia!

What is a Hy-Demi Gel Color? Hy-Demi is a new category of color that lies between demi and permanent. The Hy-Demi is longer lasting and richer as the Babassu Oil supports deeper penetration and the Amaranth support that attachment of color. Hy-Demi Gel is mixed with an Enzyme Cream activator vs. using ammonia based activator. This is much better for the integrity of your hair and does NOT expose unwanted underlying pigment.

You can use a Hy-Demi Gel Color like Surface Pure Color at your roots until the old permanent root color is cut out. The Hy-Demi Gel Color formula can then start getting a little lighter at every appointment until the roots match and the transition is complete. Switching to a Hy-Demi Gel Color helps the integrity of the hair while grey blending.

Another popular way to start transitioning to grey is by adding highlights. Adding highlights will help break up the harsh line allowing you to extend time between hair appointments. However, the highlights will have to be white blonde to blend with white grey hair. This means, you will have to commit to using a moisturizing heat protection hair product and smooth your hair with a round brush when blow drying. If you live in Florida and air dry your hair then adding white blonde highlights are not recommended.

When looking at the chart below, Level 1 is black and Level 10 is white. Typically, when you highlight hair we can see 2-3 levels of lift without compromising the integrity of the hair. So if you have a level 1 hair color and wish to have a level must be patient, most likely you won't see level 10 for several highlighting sessions. You will need to add protein to strengthen your hair and violet hair care products to counteract brassy tones.

The final thing to consider when transitioning to grey hair is the maintenance. Maintenance includes gloss treatment every 8-12 weeks to counteract any yellow or brassy tones. Highlights will always turn brassy which is why you will need to maintain a Gloss Treatment between appointments or use a Violet Shampoo, Violet Conditioner, Violet Masque and/or Violet Toning Spray. Maintenance may also include several sessions of highlights instead of root retouch color. This can be costly and may feel counter productive when transitioning to grey.

Clients favorite violet hair care products:

There are many options when transitioning to grey hair. You can quit all hair coloring until the color has been cut out. You can switch to using Hy-Demi Gel Hair Color. You can start adding highlights. Every option has it's pros and cons. Are you willing to maintain gloss treatments to counteract brassy tones? Are you willing to add protein and violet hair care products? Tis the season to embrace grey hair. Believe it or not, it's trendy to be grey!


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