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Why Balayage?

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Balayage technique, Jacksonville Hair

The latest hair trend is all about that sun-kissed look! Showing a little bit of root is okay as long as the hair is lighter on the ends.

Blonde Partial Balayage Highlight, Jacksonville Hair

Balayage highlighting is totally customized to each individual and is usually a 3hr long appointment. However, maintenance is less frequent than your traditional foil highlight. Why? Balayage technique is literally painting hair and feathering the brush lightly at the root. This is what creates the more natural looking highlight or sun-kissed look.

Ombre Balayage Highlight, Jacksonville Hair Stylist

Balayage isn't for just blondes!

Full Balayage Highlight, Jammie Thompson

Balayage highlights look good on short or long hair.

Olaplex + Balayage

And no balayage is complete without an Olaplex Treatment. Olaplex protects and repairs hair from chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. It is a treatment known as, "insurance for your hair".

Balayage Technique

Have you ever looked at your daughter's hair and envy her natural highlights? That natural highlight can be achieved with balayage highlighting!

You may spend a little more time in the salon for your appointment however, you don't have to get highlights done as frequent.

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