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Why is my hair dry?

Did you know that the city of Jacksonville is rated one of the worst cities for water in the United States?

In fact, there is a total of 12 contaminants have been found within Jacksonville’s water supply that exceed existing health guidelines, including arsenic, lead, and the heavy metal cadmium. Notably, of those 12 contaminants, total trihalomethanes (TTHMs) also exceeded the legal limit, existing in the water at 80 parts per billion (ppb). (

Jacksonville water

What does this mean for my hair?

Chlorine, Chloramines or TTHM dries out your skin and hair by stripping the protective oils. This leaves your hair very dry and brittle. Hair loss, dandruff and pre-mature greying of the hair has also been linked to chlorine in water. I have clients that use a shower head water filter. This filter helps not strip the color or oils from their hair and leaving the hair softer, with less frizz.

shower head filter

What products should I be using?

Sulfates in shampoo is what makes all those bubbles. The sulfates act as a surfactant and strips your hair of oils. Does dry, stripped hair mean clean hair? NO! As a Jacksonville resident, we are already drying our hair and skin by just jumping into the shower. Please do not add more damage by using shampoos with sulfates. I recommend using Surface Purify Shampoo at least once a week. It is actually gentle enough to use daily.

Surface purify shampoo

Purify Shampoo is sulfate free and color safe. It removes unwanted minerals, chlorine and environmental build up of heavy oils and styling plastics. Target specific chelators remove only unwanted elements, leaving hair color, protein and moisture intact and healthy. Also, this shampoo is a great face and body wash. Don't forget that all Surface products are gluten free, paraben free, vegan, sulfate free, and certified organic botanicals. Oh, and also NO animal testing!

Now that you have clean hair and skin, lets talk about moisturizing!

Bassu Hydrating Masque

Surface Bassu Hydrating Masque is Launchpad's award winning deep conditioner.

Babassu Oil is pressed from the seeds of the Babassu Palm Tree. Brazilian women have been using Babassu oil on their skin for centuries. Babassu oil is known for its healing powers throughout the world; it is easy to see why the tree is known as the "Tree of Life". Babassu oil is a non-drying penetrating oil that is considered a superior emollient beneficial for either dry or oily skin and hair. It gently moisturized without leaving an oily sheen or weight. Penetrating oils are preferred to Petroleum and Mineral Oil as both of these create a barrier on the skin and hair, nothing goes in and nothing can get out. Repeated uses of such moisturizers can clog pores and build up, potentially resulting in skin irritation and damaging the hair. Surface botanical penetrating moisture becomes complete with the soothing healing powers of Aloe and omega-3 nutrient, antioxidant rich Flax Seed Oil.

Are you using the right products?

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