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How I lost my IG account to hackers asking for ransom money!

I never really thought of myself as a social media influencer until I lost access to my IG account @hairbyjammie904. I am a mom, a hair stylist and educator that put my heart and soul into building my portfolio all to be lost to a hacker.

For those who know me, I would do anything to help support you. So I didn't even think twice when a fellow hair stylist asked for my assistance. Of course, what can I do to help you?!

I was asked if I could help vote for her to become a hair influencer. I will totally vote for you!

My IG account did NOT have my phone number linked. In order for her to send the voting link she need my phone number on my IG account. RED FLAG. So I quickly added my number and then IG sent me a link.

And when the link was broken, I sent her the screenshot that it wasn't working. Within 2 minutes all of my information was changed.

So i knew immediately after I was hacked. I received an email right away! Great! Now what? I tried clicking the link that this was a mistake and that I did NOT change my email or phone number but the link was broken. It was too late. My IG handle was changed and he started the private direct messages to my followers.

I have the best support of friends and family. You guys have been reporting my account and I love you for your support. Years of content of educating you about how to do everything hair is compromised. My friends are so awesome that they were messaging the hacker to give my account back. Only for the hacker to demand $2000 in order for me to regain access to my account.

What we can do now is bring awareness to IG. I've already reported that I've been hacked. I've tried to recover the account but the hacker has already changed my email and phone number. The hacker is posting old videos in my current IG stories. The hacker is already private messaging my friends and followers. The hacker has posted on my feed about bitcoin.

I think it's time to start all over. I will soon create another account after I mourn the loss of this one.

Please do not accept any direct messages from me talking about bitcoin or asking for you to help vote for me. If you or anyone you know has had this happen what are the odds that they will allow me to regain my account? Obviously, I won't be paying the hacker the ransom money. In the meantime, my night serum has now been removed by the tears flowing down my cheeks. Cheers to over powering the hackers of IG. XOXO

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