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How to prepare your hair for upcoming hair appointment

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

So you have an upcoming hair appointment? It's sooo exciting. But did you know that you should arrive with CLEAN dry hair hair? Yep, that's right! Arrive to your hair appointment with clean & styled hair. As your forever hair stylist, I like to see what your haircut and color has grown, where the bulk is and what highlights need to be brighter. If you arrive with dirty, oily and wet hair then we can't see the true color and the products & water are weighing the haircut down. For the best results use "Color Care Tool Kit" to purify & maximize your hair's protein & moisture to allow ultimate color attachment.

What is in the Color Care Tool Kit?

Surface Purify Shampoo is a natural cleanser to purify your hair while leaving your natural moisture behind. And it's color-safe. Natural cleansers, and target specific chelators cleanse, unwanted minerals, chlorine and build up while leaving color, protein and moisture.

Use: Apply to wet hair, massage into lather, rinse, repeat.

Maximum Purification: Apply to dry hair, mist with water, massage into lather, place a cap over the lather and under a heated dryer for 10 minutes. Rinse. Lather a second time and rinse.

Surface Bassu Masque is the most lightweight hydrating masque able to use on even fine hair. Life for dry hair. Infused with sustainably harvested babassu seed oil, creating the ultimate in moisture, condition and shine.

Use: Massage into clean damp hair. Leave for 60 seconds and rinse.

Maximum Treatment: Massage into damp hair. Dry into the hair with a hot dryer and rinse.

Bassu Hydrating Oil is molecularly small enough to penetrate the cuticle so it does not weigh heavy on the cuticle. Babassu oil and color vita-complex create a light weight hydrating oil to restore moisture enhance shine and lock in color.

Use: Apply daily to damp and/or dry hair.

In salon: Apply to damp hair after color is taken down. Leave in.

Trinity Protein Repair Tonic is a flexible protein that is a natural UV protectant. Amaranth, soy and keravis cationic proteins penetrate, repair, condition, shine and protect. Natural sun protection.Heat styling maximizes reconstruction!

Use: Mist into clean damp hair prior to combing. Do not rinse.

How to use the Color Care Tool Kit

  1. Shampoo twice with Purify Shampoo to clean product & mineral build up. Rinse.

  2. Condition with Bassu Hydrating Masque. For ultimate hydration do not rinse Bassu Masque.

  3. Repair split ends with Trinity Protein One-Shot. Squirt on mids-ends of the hair and leave in. Comb.

  4. Add moisture with Bassu Oil to tame frizz and cut blow-dry time.

  5. Add heat protection with Trinity Protein Repair Tonic. Blow-dry & style.

  6. Show up to your hair appointment with your hair purified and prepared with maximum protein and moisture so that your hair color will attach & last.

In order to get the most out of your hair appointment then prepare your hair with Surface Color Care Tool Kit. Remove product & mineral build up with Purify Shampoo. Add weightless moisture with Bassu Masque. Repair your split ends with Trinity Protein One-Shot. Add moisture with bassu oil to tame frizz and cut your blow-dry time. Add heat protection and natural UV protection with Trinity Protein Repair Tonic. Then show up to your hair appointment with hair purified clean of products & minerals with maximum protein & moisture so that your hair color will attach and last. Subscribe and 10% off your first order.


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