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How to Style Curly Hair After Shower?

If you have curly hair then you'll love this. Instantly moisturize, de-frizz and define your curls.

How to style curly hair using eco-friendly hair care.

How it works?

Certified organic cocoa butter and babassu oil melts moisture into and onto the hair. Vitamins strengthen the hair while natural sugars wrap the hair for shine and control.

Melt your curls and your senses with hydrating cocoa butter. Seal your hair with organic babassu seed oil for smooth and bouncy curls. Loaded with sugar proteins and soothing lipids enhancing the elasticity of curls for less breakage and no more frizz.

Video Demo:

Products Used:

Shampoo with Curls Shampoo and Conditioner. Natures Cocoa Butter for healthy curls. This rich all natural lather will nurture your curls back to life with melting moisture of Cocoa Butter, and hydrating Babassu Seed oil. Color Safe. Sulfate Free.

Apply Curls Whip Mousse as your leave-in conditioner. This is the Beauty Launchpads Award winning leave-in conditioner for curly hair.

Curls Whip Mousse Leave-in Conditioner will detangle, strengthen & hydrate your curls with a natural hold.

If your curl pattern is not the same throughout your hair then apply Curls Whip Mousse. Then take your index finger and twist sections of your curls together starting from the scalp. Let the curls dry clumped together then separate the curls once hair is 100% dry. This will allow an even curl pattern throughout your hair.

Add Curls Serum for extra hydration. This luxurious oil blend is applied to damp or dry hair for frizz free curls every day. Retain moisture and protect your color with soothing oils blended at the perfect weight.

Hot tip: Twist sections of your curls together before diffusing on high heat and low flow.

Hot tip: Curls Firm Mousse at night and separate in the morning with Curls Cream Wax.

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