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Which curly hair products are best?

Frizz and breakage is the result of stress on the hair's structural bonds. This will cause loss of hair color and lack of moisture. The curlier your hair the more bends in the shaft of the cuticle. At every bend of the hair, this is a stress point which needs moisture & protein to fill the divots of the cuticle.

I'm a salon owner in Saint John's, Florida and we deal with humidity almost all year long. When over 60% of your clientele have wavy or curly hair you have to come up with a solution to solve their frizzy hair challenges.



Curly and textured hair needs moisture to eliminate frizz and increase elasticity. Surface Curls is made from certified organic botanicals, no animal testing and color-safe. Cocao butter is rich in vitamin K and magesium which strengthen hair's elasticity allowing curls to maintain style. Traditional cocao butter coats the outside of the cuticle and just weighs the hair down. Surface Curls uses a key ingredient, Babassu oil which is a penetrating oil. This oil along with the Cocao will drive moisture into the hair shaft and hydrating it from the inside out.


Your shampoo may be drying out your curls. Traditional drug store shampoo contains fillers like PVP/VA, plastics & sulfates. Instead moisturize your hair using a shampoo high in vitamin K to strengthen your hair's elasticity. Surface Curls Shampoo & Conditioner.


After using Surface Curls Shampoo & Curls Conditioner or Curls Masque then it's all about your leave-in conditioner. Most curly hair guests need moisture & protein to strengthen and hydrate the hair. My favorite leave-in conditioner for curly hair is the Surface Curls Whip Mousse. This is the Beauty Launchpads Award winning leave-in conditioner for curly hair. Curls Whip Mousse Leave-in Conditioner will detangle, strengthen & hydrate your curls with a natural hold.

Hot tip: If your curl pattern is not the same throughout your hair then apply Curls Whip Mousse. Then take your index finger and twist sections of your curls together starting from the scalp. Let the curls dry clumped together then separate the curls once hair is 100% dry. This will allow an even curl pattern throughout your hair.


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