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Unlock Voluminous Locks with Awaken Blow Dry Foam: A Must-Try in Eco Hair Care!

Welcome to the future of hair care! In this blog post, we're diving into the revolutionary Awaken Blow Dry Foam—a game-changer in the world of styling products. If you're on a quest for effortlessly beautiful, clean hair, you've come to the right place. Let's explore the magic behind this innovative hair care essential.

Awaken Blow-Dry Foam


What is it? Light weight blow-dry foam.

What is does? Thicken and protect fine and fragile hair while blow drying with flexible medium hold.

Who is it for? Fine/Fragile hair types wanting light weight, flexible hold with thicker, fuller hair and maximum protection and condition while blow-drying.

How it works? Light to the touch, yet rich to thickening and protective botanicals. This botanical blend of Amaranth Protein, Pro-vitain B-5 and Ceramide NP interlock together and wrap around the hair strand. This blend creates a ticker hair strand with flexible styling and specialized protection from heat and environmental damage.

Problem it solves? Traditional foams use plastics which add weight and are drying to the hair. Awaken Blow-Dry Foam thickens and protects hair naturally for healthy, thicker looking hair.

How to Use Awaken Blow Dry Foam for Stunning Results Unleash the full potential of Awaken by mastering the art of blow-drying. Pump Awaken Blow-dry Foam into your hands and spread from root to ends on damp hair and blow-dry style.

The Science Behind Awaken's Formulation

Awaken Blow Dry Foam is lightweight with a flexible hold. It doubles the diameter of each hair strand with thickening botanical fibers. Maximum heat protection and conditioning for fine fragile hair. Pro-vitamin B-5 adds extra heat protection, conditioning and shine to the cuticle and seals in moisture. Amaranth protein strengthens fine fragile hair and provides color protection.

Before and After


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