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Tutorial: How to style short undercut bob

Updated: May 3, 2022


Over the last week I've gained a lot of new followers on Tiktok. You've have been asking how I style my short undercut pixie bob haircut. @hairbyjammie904


Watch LIVE on Beauty Launchpad video to learn how to blow dry style short undercut pixie bob hair. Using products made in the USA, eco-friendly hair care.

Jammie Thompson of Surface Hair demos how to achieve the perfect blowout on hair- from short bobs to long manes- using the NEW Surface Blowout.


Prepare the hair with Surface Blowout Primer to for style memory and protection from heat.

Surface Blowout Texture Spray smells so amazing and add volume & texture.


Hot tip: After the hair is 110% dry change the setting on your blow dryer to "cold" and set the hair. The bigger the round brush the bigger the volume.

TK2 Paddle Brush is for smooth hair without volume.

Let me know if you have any other styling questions. XOXO


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